Reiki for Animals

Reiki is a treatment for animals. Its non-invasive energy can be applied in almost any condition, whether the animal is healthy or injured. Reiki energy goes where needed, and may not affect the animal.

Reiki treatment is useful for a wide variety of animal problems. Since it can be sent at a shorter distance, there is much less pressure on the affected animal and less dangerous for the practitioner, since any animal can feel pain and fear.

Painful animals will always respond well to reiki energy. When dealing with such situations, it is best to ask the animal for permission shortly before releasing the energy. They mostly rotate their bodies so that the injured section is toward you or can put the painful part on their hands. It is excellent to monitor an animal with severe pain relaxing and sleeping, even while absorbing Reiki’s energy. Animals benefit from Reiki, just like people. It is relaxing and healing for them. In addition to the domestication of pets and animals, Reiki is ideal for animals.

Offering Reiki to animals is very different from providing Reiki to people. The session begins with a “no intervention” approach and from the perspective that the animal is a partner in the healing process. The animal is more likely to accept and rest in reiki therapy if it feels free to choose as much energy as possible. An easy and simple way to start treatment with an animal is to sit in a chair with your hands in your lap, raise your palms, or stand with your hands at your sides, while the palm is out. Get within walking distance of the animal. Do not pick it up and place it on a table or sofa. Be sure to allow the animal freedom of movement during the session.

Reiki is a flow of energy, and energy knows no bounds, the treatment provided nearby is as effective as a possible treatment. That makes Reiki perfect for use in a shelter, as treatment can be delivered outside of an animal’s cage.

Some animals decide during treatment that they want to feel the energy up close and personal and move towards the practitioner, indicating that they want a practical touch. Smart creatures are the most sensitive animals, they understand power, and they know what is presented to them. Others need time to relax and investigate. If you’re a professional who works with animals, always stay flexible and open and let the animals guide them to the way they want the treatment to appear.

If you have a pet, then Reiki is an excellent holistic treatment for healing. It is a very smooth and utterly non-surgical healing system. It can treat any health or emotional problems that your pet may have. Reiki heals at all levels can be especially beneficial for animals with behavioral or emotional issues, as they can often stem from an abusive past. In rounds, animals have likely never been in control of anything in their lives and may not have accepted Reiki at first. But once they understand that they can consume as much or less energy as they need and stop anytime.