Reiki Distant healing

REIKI is a form of energy healing that originated from Japan and was brought into awareness in the early 1990s. During the healing, the practitioner lays their hands on the client to transfer the universal energy from their hands to the client’s body. REIKI energy healing is mostly meant to heal an individual both emotionally, physically, and mentally. It brings the client relaxation, reduces their pain, and also speed heals.REIKI energy healing is based on the terms that’ life force energy’ whereby humans are highly motivated and active when the energy is high and less active with less energy; hence REIKI energy healing is applied to give more energy to the people.

REIKI is a self-improvement method that is made of two Japanese words, which are Rei meaning higher power and Ki, which means life force energy. REIKI is also a form of prayer whereby one can use it to heal on a long-distance person. It is also used during therapeutic activities to ease the mind and body of an individual. However, REIKI energy healing is not a tradition; neither is it a religious belief; thereby, it can easily be taught to any individual. REIKI teaching method is said to be transferred to a person during the REIKI class by the practitioner.

REIKI energy healing uses crystals during the healing to prevent negative energy. It involves techniques, namely centering, clearing, beaming, extraction of bad energy, and infusing. REIKI is as well used to create peace and harmony since individuals with clear and open minds plus positive thoughts are less likely to create hatred and cause disputes.

During the REIKI healing session, an individual is required to be more involved, commit themselves to the process for many effective results for their improvement, empowerment, and healing. REIKI healing is much available and favors all people since it doesn’t consider a person’s beliefs; neither does it consider an individual’s intellectual capacity.

REIKI energy healing discovery was by Mikao Usui, a Japanese intellectual seeker in the late 1980’s. REIKI energy healing is also applicable in medical facilities, whereby it provides a better environment for a person’s healing. An individual is required to accept their responsibility during the healing process and also are needed to have positive thinking about the healing power in conduction. The removal of all the detrimental blockage in someone’s body enables a better flow of energy in one’s self; therefore, REIKI promotes the acceptance of one’s self.

REIKI is most likely to provide a natural healing process, thereby used as a complement to individuals and instead not a substitute. REIKI delivers the following benefits to oneself :

Reduction of anxiety and stress Provides more energy to a person thereby reducing fatigue

Enhances relaxation to an individual, thereby providing positive thinking.

REIKI energy healing is thereby an essential element of a person’s healing and the effects a person’s life positively helping individuals to live a better experience, with less stress and also positive personal empowerment leading to more growth of a person