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Commonly referred to as energy healing, Reiki healing is a form of therapy that originated from Japan in the late 1800s. This form of therapy is believed to transfer universal energy from the specialist’s palm to the patient. Reiki can also be done in long-distance as a form of prayer. The main goal of Reiki is to create deep relaxation on the patient to help reduce pain, speed healing, and decrease any other symptom that the patient may be experiencing.

Reiki healing popularity has increased significantly over the last decade. A 2019 survey showed that over 2.9 million adults in the United States had tried Reiki at least once in their lifetime. Additionally, over 60 hospitals in the US are believed to offer Reiki services to their patients.

However, since Reiki healing effectiveness cannot be proven by science, some critics say that it does not work. But many people who have used this form of healing say that it works.

Reiki history

Reiki is a Japanese word that means a mysterious atmosphere. There are many versions of Reiki origin, but the person believed to be behind this form of therapy is known as Dr. Mikao Usui, a famous Japanese seeker of the spiritual truth. Dr. Mikao shared this form of healing in the late 1800 after a deep spiritual experience. Reliable sources say that he started teaching other people about Reiki healing after a serious earthquake hit Japan. He taught over 2000 people this healing technique before he died. Reiki healing was introduced in the United States in 1935 by a lady known as Hawayo Takata, who eventually become a Reiki master. Since then, Reiki has spread and is now one of the most used forms of energy therapy in the US.

How Reiki works

Reiki is a form of therapy that targets the energy field around the body. This energy usually targets areas of the body that are in pain and help to block the cause of pain. It also helps to improve the flow of energy around the body, which helps accelerate the speed of healing, reduce pain, enable relaxation, and reduce symptoms of other illnesses.

What happens in a Reiki session?

A Reiki session can be carried out anywhere but expert advice that should be done in a quiet and peaceful environment. The treatment is done to the patient while sitting comfortably on a chair or lying on a table. It is important to note that this therapy is offered to the patient when he/she is fully clothed. The practitioner may play soothing music on the patient’s request.

During the therapy, the practitioner gently places their hand on specific areas of the recipient’s body. The practitioner may use different hand shapes for between 2-5 minutes per area and focus on over 20 different parts of the patient body. The placement of hands should not be inappropriate, and you should stop the session if you are not comfortable. The Reiki practitioner can also hold their hand off the patient’s body if the patient is not comfortable being touched or has serious burns or open wounds. The transfer of energy takes place when the practitioner holds their hand on the recipient’s body. The practitioner will hold the hand in a specific part of the body until they are certain that there has been a successful transfer of energy.

Common techniques involved in Reiki healing include clearing, centering, beaming, racking, and smoothing the aura, infusing Cand extracting harmful energies. Some Reiki practitioners use chakra healing wands and crystals because they believe it helps to protect their patient home from negative energy. Each session can last from between 19-90 minutes, depending on their recipient’s needs. The number of sessions also varies depending on the patient’s needs. Some patients only need one session, while others can go for up to five sessions.

What to do before you go for Reiki healing session

  • Bring what you think will make you comfortable. For instance, you can come with a music player if you like listening to music.
  • Ask the practitioner to show areas where he/she will touch
  • Explain to the practitioner your needs
  • Visit the restroom.

Health benefit of Reiki healing

Reiki healing has many benefits to the body and animals alike, including treating heart disease, cancer, depression, infertility, chronic pain, autism, anxiety, fatigue syndrome, and cancer. More help on Reiki healing can be found at divinehealingbyjames in Dorchester Reiki UK.